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Friday, 14 August 2015

HRP Day 37 Refugio Baborte - Refugio Vall Ferrera

Oops! Unfortunately day 36 and 37 were posted in the wrong order, and now it seems that cannot be changed! Read the next post, day 36 first and then come back to this one.. sorry!

I left the nice little Baborte Refugi about 7am this morning. There was quite a lot of rain in the night, and now the weather looked unsettled, with a lot of cloud, but with some blue sky too. I was optimistic I could get to Vall Ferrera before the heavens opened, but it was not to be. After about 30 mins the clouds turned grey, and thunder began to roll around. There was lightning, which made me jump, and the sky turned a peculiar orangey colour. I ploughed on quickly, partly because I was going down anyway, the best direction in such conditions, and partly because I knew there was an old cabane, not far below. I just made it. Fat raindrops were beginning to thud down (no pitter-pattering in these parts) as I pushed the door open.  It was a very basic cabane, but watertight, though I had to prop something against the door to stop it swinging open. I sat there for about an hour before the rain eased and stopped, the sky cleared a bit and I set off again, in full weather gear because a repeat looked likely, and also because all the vegetation was now sopping wet.
I reached Vall Ferrera about 12.30pm amidst more cloud and rumbles of thunder, and felt it best to stop here, on the borders of Andorra, for the night. The forecast for tomorrow is bad, but I don't want to stay here two nights. They say they are full tomorrow, but also they have few facilities here.. no hot water, no showers and no wifi or electricity to spare for charging phones. There is no mobile signal around here, either. So it is rather unclear when these updates will be uploaded, since I am told there is no mobile data in Andorra at all, and phone calls from there cost the earth.
Still, at least I am leaving Spain, and will return to France when I get to Hospitalet pres l'Andorra, in five or so days' time.
Here I once again ran into my Dutch friend Thijs, who is still walking along the GR11 and now has his father with him. But they will finish after tomorrow and return to the Netherlands. We had a very pleasant dinner together though.
view from the door of the Baborte Refugi. Quite a privilege, to have views like this at ones door
the little shepherd's cabane where I sheltered from the rain. It had no windows! 
Refugio Vall Ferrera. The tree damage was caused when the stream I am standing next to flooded. 

even a day's rain perks the streams up no end.this one was quite fierce, not sure if the photo captures it but you would not want a paddle! 

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