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Sunday, 9 August 2015

HRP Day 33 Refugio Gracia Airoto - Refugio Alos d'Isil

Sunday 9 August

**NB. I have added some photos to yesterday's update and republished it. You can see it at:  **

Survived the night OK, cooked breakfast and left about 8.30am. The weather was not sunny, but looked much better than yesterday. I walked up to the col with my new friend Alan, from county wicklow, but he was going the other way to me, so we parted there and I headed off down the very steep slope toward Alos. I had not gone very far when my foot slipped, and I sat down suddenly. No harm done, except when I stood up again, I found one of my walking poles had broken in half. Again!!
This time it has happened in a very awkward spot, just at the beginning of a long, three hour descent which in the event took me over four. I won't see a shop for more than a week and don't see how I can manage with only one pole.
I had intended to walk on past Alos (tomorrow's stage is a long one) but instead have stopped at the Refugi here. It is quite small, but brand new - only been open a couple of weeks. I must think what best to do:
- try to manage somehow with only one pole
- try to go somewhere that sells poles
- try a makeshift pole, a wood branch for example.
Of these, the first leaves me a problem with the tent, which uses both the poles. The second will lose yet another day and may be difficult anyway, as Alos is in the back of beyond. This is the least populated area of the whole hrp. So I may try the third alternative and see what happens

Looking down the valley leading to Alos, with tomorrow's mountains beyond
you can see Alos at the bottom now
the plaça major
A typical street 

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  1. Oh Jerry - in the wars again! Next time, buy some titanium poles or perhaps you should always have a spare (what happened to the ones you bought from Decathlon?). At least you have your pen knife and hopefully can do a Ray Mears impression. Could you not 'splint' the broken one? Perhaps another walker might have something. Just watched the weather - doesn't look too good your way but maybe they have it wrong - what about a large umbrella and kill 2 birds with one stone! Seriously, I can't conceive how you do it and you have my complete admiration. If nothing else, your exploits give Linda & me something to chat about.
    ps. Please feel free to delete my stupid comments as I don't want to spoil your blog - I have tried but it won't allow me permission.