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Friday, 7 August 2015

HRP Day 32 Estanys Rosari de Baciver - Refugi Gracia Airoto

Saturday 8 August 2015

A difficult day today. I woke early, had some breakfast and was ready to go by 7.30am, but it began to rain. I sat and waited, and after about 45mins it stopped. I waited a little longer, then stowed the tent and set off about 8.30am. There was a large herd of thirty or so izard just above me, I tried to take some photos but they are quite shy.  I picked my way up the very steep slope and reached the summit in about an hour and a half. Then things started to go awry.
It started to rain again, and I somehow managed to take a wrong turning. I descended a steep bank, with a jumble of boulders at the bottom. Unfortunately, the route didn't. By the time I had managed to rejoin the proper path it was lunchtime. To cap it all, a sudden storm blew up with practically no warning. I sought shelter in a cabane, a hut with sleeping mattresses for about 10 people but no other facilities, though there is a water point nearby.
It has rained on and off all afternoon, so I am stuck here at least until tomorrow morning. Basically that is another day lost. Not an ideal situation, my food stocks are not unlimited and there is nothing to do. No shops for a week, and not even a hot meal for two or three days to come. At least I am dry here, though whether I can get all the clothes I was wearing dry by tomorrow is doubtful. Not sure what the forecast for tomorrow is.
I will have to conserve battery power too, so blog updates may have to be delayed.
When I have electricity I will add some photos here. 

Izard. They let me get quite close. 
More izard. They are laughing at my woeful rock jumping skills
view back from the top of the col
the view forwards. That is a vast area of jumbled rocks that took me half the morning to negotiate. 
Refugi Gracia Airoto,  a hut with space for 10 and no window to speak of. Smelly but better than the rain. .

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