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Friday, 24 July 2015

HRP Day 17

Friday 24 July Refugio Respomuso - Refuge  Wallon 

I left Respomuso early, just after 7am. I did not like the refuge very much. Too bossy, too many rules, chippy and not very friendly. Perhaps if you are Spanish (as most there were) you might fare better.
The first mile or two are straightforward, along the GR11 and then across a reservoir-to-be-one-day, the Campo Planopiano. Then start on the long climb up to the col de la Fache, 2668m, highest col so far. Near the top it got quite steep, with a lot of bare rock and some snow to cross. I was quite pleased to negotiate it all in reasonably good order and reached the col soon after 10am. There were some other people there, presumably they had come up the other way, from Wallon.
I was a bit relieved that the path down the other side of the col, into the valley of Marcadou, was easier to walk on than the route up. It did seem to go on for a long time though. I eventually got to Wallon about 2pm. In the interests of economy I am sleeping in my tent tonight, but I booked in for dinner and breakfast.
I have caught up again with my Dutch friends, who had a long day yesterday so are having a rest today before going on to Oulettes de Gaube tomorrow, as will I. And who should I see at dinner but my six Belgian ladies! It was lovely to see them again, but this is their last night. They are off home after breakfast tomorrow. Shame.
Thanks to the nose incident, I have lost another day. However it did make the journey to Wallon much easier, it is a long day otherwise.

Refugio Respomuso 
Respomuso reservoir. It is a scenic area. 
donkeys and mules are rather a feature of the pyrenees. Many refuges use them for transporting supplies. They are very placid and even - tempered. 
Looking back from near the top of the col de la Fache. Respomuso reservoir in the distance. The snow is supposed to be a lake! 
The view forwards from the col, into the valley of Marcadou 
more snow to cross, not difficult when it is flat like this though you must be careful near the edges, which melt from underneath. .
my tent at Wallon. The refuge is vaguely visible at the left

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