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This blog was begun in 2015, to record my walk along the Pyrenees HRP from Hendaye to Banyuls. If you want to read about that, I suggest you start here.

But that is all in the past now, and I have expanded the blog a little to cover more recent events.. such as:

Snowdonia Way
Hebden Bridge
Equipment Reviews
North Downs Way

and also, one day:

Pennine Way .. which I am due to walk for the third time in 2019, this time from N to S I think

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

2 Days to departure! - Gear List

 Zpacks Hexamid Duo tent on the Pennine Way, Sept 2014

Here is my equipment list, everything I am taking with me.. you have about 36 hours to tell me what I have forgotten! But actually I am more concerned about surplus items.. two fleeces seems like overkill, though they are both very light ones.. only 640g the pair. Still thinking about that. The sleeping bag liner is not for lining the sleeping bag; its for making a barrier between me and refuge hut fleas.  The penknife is heavy, but I am so used to having it I can no longer be without it.. got to have a corkscrew! :-) The boots are heavy but they are the lightest full leather boots I know of and fabric walking shoes would not last the distance or cope with mountain conditions. Don't forget I'm going for maybe two months, with no resupply arrangements. Don't think I've done too badly, but all comments & suggestions welcomed.

Remarkably, the pack is 2,400g lighter than the last time I went, thanks mainly to the tent, rucksack and sleeping bag bought from my friends at Zpacks, to some extraordinarily light stuff from Rohan, and to converting to a "no paper or books," fully digital state. Hence the need for a spare phone! At some points I may need to carry more water, but other things will be consumed as I go so it should balance more or less

I shall be carrying around 12Kg, or 26 1/2 pounds, comfortably within the capacity of the rucksack.. and I have managed to fit everything into it, too! There is not much spare room, but if need be I could strap the tent to the outside to make more space.

I'm off very early on Tuesday morning, I have a day in Paris and then the overnight train down to Hendaye, start walking on Wednesday morning. Can't wait!

The weather is looking good at the moment, the most likely difficulty seems as if it might be too much sun, which is definitely a step forward from too much rain or too much snow!

                                 With full rucksack, on top of Buckden Pike, Sept 2014

Pyrenees 2015

                       g oz

Rucksack [Zpacks Arcsoft]
595 21.0

Bits & Bobs

Sleeping bag [Zpacks]
788 27.8

Sleeping mat [neoair]
274 9.7


Cuben liner sack
65 2.3

antacid tablets

Cuben stuff sack
27 1.0

spare bootlace

Sleeping Bag liner
166 5.9

Tent [Zpacks Hexamid]
627 22.1

spare matches

Basics: 2,542 89.7

spare CR2032 battery

head torch
Pot cosy

25 0.9

Caldera cone
35 1.2

spare rubber bands


33 1.2

repair tape

Titanium mug
58 2.0



15 0.5

ballpoint pen

Pot, stove, matches, fuel measure 189 6.7

water tablets

Cooking: 355 12.5

phone earpiece

cod liver oil pills
Toiletries bag (clean)
249 8.8

sewing kit
& Sundries
Toiletries bag (repair)
150 5.3



36 1.3

rucksack elastic cord

(see also consumables, below) Toiletries: 435 15.3

Toiletries Bags
Bits & bobs bag
224 7.9

& Documents Sunglasses
98 3.5


Steripen Freedom (case is + 18 = 94) 93 3.3

2 x lightload towels

Compass [Silva Explorer 4]
39 1.4


String & karabiner in bag
25 0.9


Samsung S5 Phone
155 5.5

tepe brushes

Spare phone batteries (x2)
90 3.2

razor + 2 blades

Credit cards, E111 & cash
42 1.5


spare phone Samsung S3
132 4.7

soap bar


31 1.1

aftershave balm

25.6 Ah charger + lead + stuff sack + plug 551 19.4

Equipment: 1,480 52.2


Loo roll
Campagnolo light fleece (red)
273 9.6

waterless soap
Berghaus Paclite jacket
368 13.0


Berghaus Paclite trousers
231 8.1

plasters, dressings, tape
Nike running shorts (black)
160 5.6


White Sierra zip-offs
330 11.6

Base layers
Rohan ultra silver knicks
43 1.5

antiseptic cream

Rohan Ultra Silver T (royal blue s/s) 76 2.7

Rohan ultra silver L/S Tshirt
109 3.8

Paramo hat
64 2.3

Fleece gloves
55 1.9

oats + fruit

hankies x 2
27 1.0

rice + stock cubes
1000 mile socks, light
74 2.6


1000 mile socks (medium)
82 2.9

soup etc

Bridgedale Coolmax liner socks
32 1.1


Camp Shoes (Crocs)
360 12.7

chocolate + milk

Clothing: 2,284 80.6


Base weight: 7,096 250.3

Food & Drink
various bottles
128 4.5

Meths fuel
239 8.4

Toiletries bag (loo)
94 3.3

Suntan lotion
58 2.0

Foot cream
141 5.0

Washing powder
62 2.2

food total:

3,000 105.8

1500ml water
1,500 52.9

Consumables: 5,094 179.7

To carry: 12,190 430.0

To Wear
White Sierra zip-offs
330 11.6

Rohan microgrid fleece (navy blue) 370 13.1

Rohan ultra silver knicks
43 1.5

Brasher Supalite boots
1,371 48.4

Rohan Ultra Silver T (royal blue s/s) 76 2.7

Step counter
37 1.3

Suunto Core watch
63 2.2

102 3.6

Komperdell walking poles (pair)
350 12.3

White sierra belt
25 0.9

Rohan socks (beigy grey)
54 1.9

To Wear: 2,821 99.5

Grand Total: 15,011 529.5

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