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Monday, 24 July 2017

Snowdon Day 11

Beddgellert - Trawsfynydd, 20.0 miles

Wayne dropped me off about 8pm on the Monday evening, in Beddgelert. This proved to be too late to obtain any food, despite there being several pubs and restaurants in the village; they keep early hours and will not put themselves out. It was also almost too late to find somewhere to stay though I did eventually manage to do that, at an extortionate price with grudging staff. I did not find Beddgelert a welcoming place and will not return.. I will say no more about it.

After my exertions yesterday on the Snowdon horseshoe, I decided not to pursue the mountain route from Beddgelert which goes to Penrhyndeudraeth ("Penrhyn"). Added to which I doubted if it would be any easier to find food or a bed there than it was in Beddgelert. Instead, I decided to follow the lower level route which goes to Trawsfynydd, and stay at the friendly and cheerful Cae Adda campsite I had visited on Day 2. It was further (it goes through Penrhyn, but keeps going) but flatter. Some of the route would be the same as I had followed on Day 3, but a lot of it would be different, since I had amended the other route to finish at Nantgwynant instead of Beddgelert.

 Today was not so photo-tastic as yesterday, though the countryside was pleasant enough... a steady plod in mixed weather (translation: rained a bit!) and arrived at the campsite about 8pm.

 Llynn Tecwyn Uchaf reservoir

 .. and here we are, back at Cae Adda campsite and Claire and Derek were as friendly and welcoming as ever .. and this time, no mosquitos! None too speak of, anyway. There was a slight breeze, maybe a little wind moves them away.

I highly recommend this place, it has all required facilities and the surroundings are tranquil and idyllic. I promise to stay nowhere else around Trawsfynydd!

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