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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

NDW Day 3: Godstone - Kemsing

Important work to do in the morning dropping Harry and Florence off at school, then Charlie took me back to Godstone to reconnect with the NDW.
The day began well enough with a pleasant climb up Winders Hill and along the top of the downs, but gradually the M25 became more and more obtrusive, as the path veered towards it..

view from Ganger's Hill

To left is an industrial quarry, and the path is heading straight down towards the traffic queueing on the M25 at the bottom of the field

Just a field away from the motorway now...

From then on it was visible the whole way until you cross first the M25 and then the M26, North of Sevenoaks. At one point you are walking along a pavement on a busy road with the M25 about 20ft away from you the other side. This part of the route is bizarre and I would recommend avoiding it altogether if you can. There would seem to be a much better route available, up from Knockholt Pound to Polhill Bank nature reserve and then back down towards Otford.

Before crossing the two motorways I stopped for lunch at the Tally Ho, Knockholt. This was an EXCELLENT pub! A traditional country local with a lively discussion around the bar, a friendly and welcoming staff and good food for walkers (in my case, liver & bacon). Highly recommended, and good value as well. 
A stunning display of buttercups in a field above Otford

Then I ploughed my way over the N25 and the M26 and up into Otford, a nice little town, though plagued by traffic. After Otford the path goes up a steep hill and back to the top of the downs, and more fine countryside. I wandered along for a while before stopping for the night in a field above Kemsing which I have put a tent up in once or twice before. Nobody here but some friendly and inquisitive sheep..

Friendly sheep near Kemsing

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