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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Snowdon Day 2

Dolgellau - Trawsfynidd, 17 miles

As might be expected, the pub was a lively place on a Saturday night. I was tired though and with a little help from my earplugs, I got to sleep with no problems at all.  
Cloudy this morning, though not cold. It has rained in the night apparently and the streets are quite wet.
The breakfast staff are just as cheerful as the bar staff and breakfast was fine. I like the Torrent Walk and would recommend it. It is not a boutique hotel, but it is cheerful, friendly and perhaps a little bit seedy, but in a nice sort of way..
I set off about 9am and walked steadily... most of the day was spent on tracks in the woods, a bit tedious but breaking out now and then onto higher ground with a view. It was a bit damp most of the morning, just cloud really, but as the day went on the weather improved steadily and now I am sitting outside my tent in the sunshine, gearing up to do a little cooking.
I got to Trawsfynidd about 5pm, it has a pub but it is otherwise a dour little place. The pub was open but not serving food.  Quick pinot grigio and then onwards, over a truly remarkable footbridge more than 1/4 mile long across the Trawsfynidd reservoir. I thought it would be easy to find somewhere to pitch the tent and I was right.. after a mile or two I came across the idyllic Cae Adda campsite.. lovely location, showers, a kitchen of sorts.. and beer. Sold!
Wildlife update: not a vast amount so far, plenty of sheep, horses, cattle, and today two lovely piggies, but not a lot more. Twice today though I have caught sight of two huge birds, over the reservoir .. not really able to see what they were, but Derek the campsite owner says he sees ospreys regularly so maybe that is what they were. Big, they were..

Looking back at Dolgellau from the bridge over the Afon Wnion

Quite dull & misty in the morning
Footbridge over the Trawsfynidd reservoir
There is a nuclear power station across the way, now decommissioned... not turned into a country park yet though!
and here I am at the campsite..a lovely spot, but with midges..

much of the day spent walking along paths like this.

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