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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

North Downs Way preparation 2 - Ready to Start

So .. more or less ready to set off, early in the morning...

I'm happy with the route, which comes to only 119 miles not the forecast 125... this is because I flatly refuse to walk up to the M2 motorway bridge at Rochester, over the bridge and then straight back down the other side. How anyone ever thought that would be an enjoyable experience beats me. The official route should have gone via Aylesford. Instead, I will go over the new Peter's Bridge between Halling and Wouldham.

I will try to do the walk in six days, at roughly 20 miles per day. I will spend night 2 at my daughter Charlie's house at Crawley Down, and night 4 back here at home since the route passes not very far from both places.. so hopefully I should not have to spend even two consecutive nights in the tent. I don't mind camping. The absence of a shower, a decent mattress or a kitchen make it less than ideal, but it does have its compensations

Also, I had intended to go around the Canterbury loop this time, having gone via Folkestone when I did it before, but when I look at it, the Canterbury loop looks so urbanised and unappealing I decided not to do that either and will follow the same route along the Wye downs and the Folkestone cliffs as last time.

Equipment is not much of an issue, I put the tent up yesterday on the top lawn and it was all present and correct and looking good ..  altogether it looks as if I will be carrying about 6.5Kg, or 14lb, which I am happy with, especially as it includes a tent, sleeping bag and about 2.5Kg of food and water. I could make it less, since I will only be away from home for three days at a time, but it is similar to what I will need in Snowdonia in July, so will be good training. The forecast is so good I am not taking full waterproof gear, just a nifty Zpacks showerproof and windproof jacket. I will put the gear list at the end of this post if I can. My only real problem is that the nice new Brasher Supalight boots I was planning to use have rubbed a raw place on my heels while doing the Linton Boundary Walk last Sunday. Obviously they need more running in, so I will have to use my Salomon trail shoes instead. They should be OK and they weigh a fair bit less. Shame to start off a walk with a blister plaster though!

Now off to mow the grass, otherwise it will be knee high when I get back.. early start tomorrow for the drive to Farnham.

My gear list:

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