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Friday, 10 July 2015

HRP Day 3

Friday 10 July
Rest day in Arizkun

When I reached Arizkun last night I was not in the best shape. Actually, getting there in two days is an achievement and I am pleased to have done it, but it has come at a cost. My knees are sore and protesting, my back is delicate, I have some pink bits, because for most of yesterday there was hot sun, and also some sore bits ('nuff said). Oh, and I managed to cut my hand with my new penknife :-)

None of this is altogether unexpected, and I expect it will take at least a week for my body to shape up and get its act together properly, but because I am in this for the long term, and have time, I decided to have a rest day in Arizkun. At present I am sitting in the shade outside the Fonda Etxeberria, the only accommodation in town, with wifi and a glass of tinto. My washing (a walker's work is never done) is drying on the washing line (that I brought with me,  ha!).

Communication with the staff is mainly by sign language since I have no Spanish and they have no English. In fact they prefer Euskera (basque) to Spanish even. But they are friendly, and want to help,  like all the people in these parts, so it is no hardship and makes for interesting "conversation"

And that is why you have these blog updates. I am finding that if I am walking, then putting up a tent, then cooking, then eating, then sleeping, there is not the time left for blogging too. I like doing it (stupid phone keyboard apart), it is like writing a diary, it helps me to appreciate the day's events and fix them in my mind. But in the days to come Internet and even phone coverage will be sporadic, so you might have to settle for short updates, and maybe none at all for several days at a time.

But I am feeling better already, so bring it on. .

One thing that these long walks do is to heighten emotions. So a small setback can loom out of all proportion .. oh no, my bootlace has broken, how ever can I carry on. . or, that is the most wonderful view I've ever seen, I will sit here and contemplate it forever. .or, we only met today, but we are both walkers and therefore we are best friends for life. . Actually it is enjoyable, and some of the walkers I've met are still best friends, but I do need to watch out, especially in the setback department, and try to keep a sense of proportion.

Tomorrow, on to les Aldudes, and back in France, to my relief

The Fonda Etxeberria
The pelota court, a feature of all properly Basque villages
my saviour Marianne, who speaks a little bit of English,  so that I now know (for example) that lomoros means pigmeat. .. ie pork

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  1. Well done Jerry - keep the blogs coming. Just like being on holiday with you but watch that sharp new penknife. Doesn‘t your super A5 not have a spanish translator?