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Saturday, 18 July 2015

HRP Day 11

Rest day in lescun.

Well, a rest in the sense of no walking, but there are still jobs to do:

- wash and dry all clothing not actually being worn. Done.
- wash all cooking utensils (and scrape ineffectively at burnt bits). Done.
- visit the epicerie and buy food supplies, cooker fuel etc. Done, but now worrying about too much weight.
- empty and repack entire contents of rucksack, making sure everything is still serviceable & clean. Done.
- find and repair the leak in my air mattress.  In course.

Finally, and most critical, solve the Walking Pole Problem; also done, I am pleased to say. I had expected to have to go to Oleron-Saint-Marie, about 15 miles away and the nearest place with a suitable shop, and in fact had managed to arrange a lift to get there this morning. But by dint of contriving to discuss "batons de marcher" with everyone I met, I managed eventually to find a pair for sale and I am now the proud owner of a pair of Decathlon walking poles, €30 to you squire (I am pretty sure that's too much, but never mind). They are not state of the art, but they are in reasonable condition and if they are a bit heavier than mine, well, see where buying fancy ultralight poles has got me! They will get me to Gavarnie, a week or so away, and then I can decide to carry on with them or change them for new ones.
The old poles I have posted back home (discussions with lady in post office a story in itself) and I will have words with the manufacturer, Komperdell, when I get home. Meantime, DO NOT BUY KOMPERDELL WALKING POLES!
Just so you know.

It continued to rain heavily until lunchtime, but now it has cleared up and is sunny again. Tomorrow I climb the col de Pau and if it carries on like this I shall really feel I have got away with something, weatherwise. Rain is also forecast for tomorrow however, but I shall set off anyway unless it is really awful.

Updates may be missing for a few days now, not sure about signal for mobiles, though so far it has been much better than on previous trips. 

The venerable Pic d'Anie. It used to be a hotel, now it is a chambres d'hotes. Why?  Because it failed its fire safety certificate, but chambre d'hotes don't need one! 
the epicerie, quite well stocked
lescun church
I don't think these photos quite convey how the mountains loom over the village, as if you could reach out and touch them, almost
a tiny lizard, about 2" plus tail, happy to sit on the seat next to me. 

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  1. Well at least the 3yr, no questions asked guarantee by Komperdell should ensure replacements idc. and you must now be looking more like a local (shepherd?) I am trying to gain an understanding of what it is like for you, so we are all in Charmouth with a house at the top of The Street - going down to shops and beach is a doddle - getting back home is something else! Puffing Billy has nothing on it - near heart attack much closer. Anyway, pics look great so keep having a great time.